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ATIVVUS is the union of experienced professionals who seek to better level the market of Business Advice and Consultancy and asset management of their clients.

Since entering the market, ATIVVUS has had as its primary objective to prioritize the financial aspects of the business area, providing the client with a highly satisfactory result in the cost-benefit ratio, ensuring that the cost of advice is a true return investment fast and profitable for the company.

Because, the economic model in which we live puts us face-to-face with the most varied problems, consequently, resulting in the most different situations in the daily life of the world market, creating opportunities for Companies and Individuals to focus their investments on a vector of high credibility within the world market.

Therefore, ATIVVUS makes available to you informative visits, technical opinions, investment indication spreadsheets in America and Europe, in a specialized way, working directly with large companies, both in the import and export market, technology, as well as assisting in projects banking, also, with vertex directed to the most current investment model and in evidence in the world, social and environmental development of the planet.

All of this is done with specialized professionals working so that they can be served correctly, also planning, discussing and presenting ways in which the best way to reduce losses to companies and also to seek vertical growth in their applications and investments.

ATIVVUS comes to the market with a focus on the growth and expansion of the business of global customers and partners, in a new economic model, management and global immersion, seeking to equalize investment with greater financial return, in which our consultants and business partners they are great experts.

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What we do

Project Preparation and Financial Plan for Clients that Need Capital Contribution

Support for migrating operations or launching a new US operation, strategy preparation for clients interested in seeking partnerships with Investment Funds for financial and/or strategic purposes. Search for financial or institutional investors in the USA and, in some cases, in Brazil and Spain.

Broad portfolio of services in the real estate market

Advising clients on the purchase, sale, lease, administration, financing and valuation of residential or commercial real estate products.

Platform for clients to invest in Cryptocurrency Mining

Supported by major cryptocurrency miners, focused on developing technologies and practices with an excellent track record of returns.

Administration of specific educational courses.

Specific courses in human anatomy on fresh cadavers, in partnership with anatomyusa.com and other courses in partnership with edukcenter.com













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Phone: +1(786)667-9407